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Beginning of journaling path

Always when people ask me what is my career about, I have to take a deep breath and rethink what I'm gonna say, its true my career is titled Forest Engineering, but people don't quite associate trees and math, also is more than trees, its an ecosystem, is the system that holds us, is all the dynamic and communication within the living beings on earth at least discover so far until now. that happened just recently in the last training which happened in Madison - WI, the attendants were mostly educators at different levels from primary school teachers, to informal educators (artists, community leaders, advocates), so for them is easy to respond to who they teach,  is either kids between 0 -3 years old or kids from the city of some country living in this determined territory. For us, the forest scholars are a pretty wide population you can influence and that's why I consider our profession so inspiring. Just as an example, we go do some research fieldwork, and some of the dire