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Albuquerque part 1

Visiting Albuquerque has a mixed amount of emotions, it was interesting to see or heard the community is proud of the native ancestry, but at the same time it felt like it was more a tourist asset, and not even in the tourist events was a center of attention the 23 tribes (tree Apache tribes and the Navajo Nation), which was a bit concerning but not surprising, but we are here to show the most positive aspect of every region so let's continue. The first thing I noticed was the altitude and the ecosystem conditions, its altitude is 1.600 m, and its dominated by mostly desert, so it was visually like other deserts I've been to, but felt like 2000 m, very chili and thorny our dog couldn't walk 100 m without limp thanks to  Tribulus terrestris, also some "Colombian manner" the sun in Albuquerque is definitively rain sun (we said that when the sun seem to be stronger almost blinding which we call spicy). Downtown is a very small area and has something magical, you don&

Howly the howler book

We are happy to announce that now you can find our book for kids from 4+ years old on Amazon, this book it's part of a series creating awareness in the conservation of different animals and plants, this first volume is about Howler Monkeys, their challenges, and the way they overcome those. Here you can find the link to easy access:  click here! Comments and suggestions are welcome! Also for my readers, I have this free feature! Howly's mask