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Albuquerque part 2

 Sandia Peak Tramway Another iconic area of the city is the Sandia Peak Tramway, located inside the Cibola National Forest. You are required to buy the  tickets  online and be ready to go on an adventure in the high desert. there is plenty of space to park your car there, they recommend not to take your pet, nevertheless, they do have some cages in case you didn't know about this, but I wouldn't feel comfortable up there while my pet is stressed waiting for me, it would definitively be a vibe killer. the tram is very big and secure, and it also has preferential seats, but on every ride, there are at least 35 persons so the ones in the window are the privileged ones, the ride is about 15 mins up to the peak, and the whole ride it's amazing, you can appreciate the geographical forms, due to his altitude you can see the forest remains mostly pines that blend within the desert vegetation, and the rocky terrain, you can see the different layers in the reddish rock that in the in